About Us

Chicago Oil & Lube Corp.. provides basic maintenance and auto repair services at your place of work. We contract directly with your employer or property manager to provide our services. There is no charge to your employer. Employees are typically notified by email or by postings on the company bulletin board of our scheduled service dates or you can subscribe to service reminders sent directly from our website.

Employees can sign up with us by providing their auto information on our “Contact and Vehicle Information” page. You can make an appointment and reserve a service slot ahead of time and speed up the check-in procedure by using our “Early Bird Check-in” feature on our website. We also accept new or last minute customers at our service trailers on the day of service.

Your vehicle will be serviced while you are working. When finished, you can pick up your keys from our service trailer while we are on site, or from your concierge or security desk if you are working late. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover cards.

Why Our Customers Love Chicago Oil & Lube Corp.

  • We Save You Time! No More arranging for rides to the dealer or auto repair shop and sitting in waiting areas while your auto is being serviced!
  • We Save You Money! Our services are priced substantially below the Dealer and are competitive with private garages and the big, national, franchised shops. No more loaner cars to pay for while your auto is tied up for the day.
  • We Are Convenient! We are located at your place of employment. We work on your auto while you work at your job. At the end of the day, you go home with the satisfaction of knowing your auto service is up to date!

Benefits to Corporate Clients and Property Managers

  • We provide a no cost service to you for your employees or tenants that saves them time and money.
  • Your employees or tenants are more productive since they do not have to schedule their auto maintenance in their free time or take time off from work.
  • We require minimal space in your parking lot (10 spaces for service area and 20-30 spaces for parking of vehicles being serviced) and do not disrupt your day to day activities.
  • Our service can be scheduled to suit your location and can be increased or decreased depending on service volume.
  • We can help you lease your vacant space and retain current leases by providing a tangible benefit to tenants.
  • Our service is safe and environmentally friendly. We are insured to service your employees or tenants private vehicles. Our Service Trailers are custom made to retain auto fluids and have sealed floors to capture any accidental spill. The used fluids are recycled by licensed dealers such as Safety-Kleen. In 30 years of business we have never had an accidental spill on a parking area.